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Crown Of Conquest is essentially a hobby project, which has consumed untold hours of our free time over several years. We're (currently) not expecting to see any return on this massive investment (but who knows what the future may hold?). However, it does cost a bit to keep Crown Of Conquest running. This is primarily server costs, but also a few other extras such as domain name registration. For the past few years, this has been paid for out of our pockets, approximately $US70/€50 a month.

If you enjoy Crown Of Conquest, and would like to see it continue to be hosted in the future, we would be very grateful if you gave us a small donation. Any amount is fine, but bear in mind that the cost is ongoing, so don't be afraid to donate multiple times! Also, if there is ever a paid subscription system added to Crown Of Conquest, anything you donate will give you credit towards a subscription.

Note, donating does not entitle you to anything special (other than our gratitude!), e.g. it doesn't mean features you suggest are more likely to get added. It also doesn't mean Crown Of Conquest will continue being developed (or even hosted) forever, but it will certainly help to prolong the life of the game. All the development of Crown Of Conquest is done in our spare time, so it would take some really big donations for us to be able to leave our jobs and work on it full time (i.e. it probably will never happen!)


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