About Crown Of Conquest


Here's a brief explanation of what the game is - but the best way to find out what it's about is to dive right in... Click here to register.

Crown Of Conquest is a "persistent world" role-playing game, where you control a party of characters, exploring a dynamic world, battling creatures, completing quests, discovering dungeons, and interacting with other parties.

Your party is made up of characters from 4 different classes - Warrior, Archer, Priest and Mage. As with most role-playing games, they're fairly puny to begin with, but after a few battles, and a few completed quests, they will increase in level, and can afford a some better weapons and armour. After a while, they'll even be strong enough to find and explore some of the dungeons scattered about the map, and they may even be able to afford to recruit new members to their ranks.

As your party gains in stature, they'll begin to have a greater impact on the world around them, helping to improve (or hinder!) the prosperity of towns, form garrisons around the map, construct buildings, become involved in politics and many other actions you don't expect to find in a traditional RPG. For instance, there are ways for your party to overrun a town, and appoint one of your characters as mayor. The character will have to remain in the town, and can run the town as they see fit. Of course, if they do a bad job, the peasants may stir up a revolt.

After time, your party will probably declare allegiance for one of the kingdoms. These kingdoms are created and run by players, and the game allows many ways for players within a kingdom to interact. Of course, the kingdoms are dynamic, and skirmishes around the borders are frequent, sometimes leading to outright war. Who knows, perhaps your party will become powerful enough to declare their own kingdom, choosing one of their own for their monarch!

Your actions within the game are limited by turns, which are refreshed each day. If you don't use your turns on a particular day, they'll accumulate for a couple of days, meaning you don't have to log in every day.


Lead Designer / Developer

Sam Crawley (Mutant)

Artwork & Graphics

Kalle Haapaniemi
Shane Heres


This game is available as open source on Github.

The code is distributed under GPLv3. The artwork & assets are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Attribution should be given as in the credits above.