Possible down time - [2017-09-22 02:06:18]

Our hosts are moving data centres on Sept 24th. This might result in some down time for the game for most of the day. Should be back up soon afterwards.

Crown of Conquest now open source - [2017-05-01 23:54:04]

I did this a while ago, but Crown of Conquest is now open source. You can check out the code here. Enjoy!

New Server - [2017-02-20 02:38:46]

I've just completed a move of Crown of Conquest onto a new server. This was mostly because the old server was about to run out of OS support. Hopefully the speed should be about the same (if not slightly better). Let me know if you notice any issues.

By the way, as you've probably noticed, updates to the game stopped some time ago and (barring the occasional small bug fix) aren't likely to start up again any time soon. However, this server will keep running for the foreseeable future (at least a year or two, if not more), so no need to worry about it disappearing any time soon!

Dungeons: Now with faster movement - [2013-03-02 23:59:53]

The latest release of Crown of Conquest comes with a major overhaul of dungeon movement. This should give a notable improvement in speed, so hopefully some of those dungeon crawls won't feel like such a grind!

On top of this, is a new way to manage characters, allowing you to easily search and sort by status and more. Very useful for those with a large roster. Click on 'Party' from the main menu, and go to the 'Characters' tab for this.

Finally, there are the usual collection of bug fixes, tweaks and even some new monster portraits to round out the release.


Cleanse, Coaches and a bunch of tweaks - [2012-11-26 20:58:24]

It's been a little while since the last release, but this one has some cool stuff to make up for it. First up, there's a new Priest spell: Cleanse. This removes negative effects from the target in your party. Very useful to combat Entangle/Energy Beam attacks on your towns.

Next, there's a new way to get around the map. For a small fee (gold and turns), you can buy a coach ride from a town to other nearby towns. You still have to pay the entrance tax, of course, but you won't get attacked, so can be sure you'll arrive safely.

Finally, there are some big tweaks to the way kingdoms work. Each party can now only claim 10 sectors of land for their kingdom each day. To compensate, buildings now claim a larger number of sectors, and garrisons can also claim land if ordered to do so. Also, there are limits around the number of mayors a party can control. This is all in the interest of encouraging smaller kingdoms, and requiring closer teamwork amongst the larger ones.

To top all this off, Kooho has provided some more awesome monster portraits. Enjoy!

New Name, plus equipment system overhaul - [2012-08-06 01:52:53]

You may have noticed the game now has a new name! While we felt Kingdoms was a good fit for the game, it wasn't too distinctive and made it hard to find through searches. "Crown of Conquest" refers to the crown awarded to the kingdom with the highest majesty rating. Thanks to Kooho for the awesome new logo.

Also in this release is a complete overhaul of the equipment UI. Characters now have an inventory based on a grid, much like many other RPGs. The shop has also been completely re-done, allowing you to easily buy, sell and equip items with drag and drop. There are still a few kinks to work out, but expect to see some fixes shortly.

I hope you're enjoying the game, and keep an eye out for further improvements planned for the near future.

New Items, Spell and a lot more! - [2012-06-10 05:13:15]

Another release, another swag of changes. To kick things off, there are two new item types, Amulets and Rings. Now you can load your characters up with even more enchantments. Standard FRPG fare, of course, but new to Kingdoms.

Also added is the new Priest spell "Farsight", which lets you scout any sector in the wilderness. It will reveal details of buildings, orbs, dungeons and creatures there, as well as the defences of towns. Extremely useful for recon before raiding a town.

Something experienced Kingdoms players will love is the option to train a new character from the recruitment markets. This is available from party level 12, and costs a bit, but lets you choose the class, race and stats for the recruit.

Another addition is the 'Majesty' rating for kingdoms. This is calculated based on the kingdom's towns, parties, land and buildings. If one kingdom has the highest rating for 8 days running, they will be awarded the "Crown of Majesty"

I've only described some of the main changes, but as usual, there's a huge list - check it out!

Hope you're all enjoying the game, and thanks for taking the time to play it. :)

April's Release - Scrolls, Claiming Thones and more - [2012-04-29 03:26:39]

Another release of Kingdoms has just hit the servers. This one adds new features, tweaks and fixes a slew of bugs. To begin with, a new item type has been added - scrolls. As you may guess, these let you cast a spell once. As they're light, it can be very useful to stockpile a few important spells, such as Portal and Heal.

Next up is a change for kingdoms controlled by an NPC. Parties of a suitable level within these kingdoms can now try to 'claim the throne'. This will initiate a 7 day period, during which other parties in the kingdom can either support or oppose the claim. If there is enough support for the claim, the nominated character will be crowned king or queen, meaning the Kingdom can now be controlled properly.

Another important change is the results of a party getting wiped out during combat. Previously, the party was deleted, and you were prompted to roll a new one. Now, the party will be transported to a nearby town, with one character resurrected free of charge. This is a service offered by local healers, but they will take one or more characters (or their corpses at least!) for their own purposes. If there is only one character in the party, the healer will take an item of equipment. It's then up to you to try to resurrect your party and play on, or decide to disband it and start again.

You can view the full list of changes here, and as usual, please post bugs and feedback in the forum.

Detonate, Kingdom Relationships and a better Garrison UI - [2012-03-20 21:32:01]

The latest release has been on the servers for a few hours now, and - as usual - it adds new features and tweaks to a lot of stuff. First, there's a new spell for mages called Detonate. It requires a Vial of Dragon's Blood, which can be purchased from the Sage (or found in dungeons if you're very lucky). When cast, it will plant a bomb either in the wilderness, a dungeon, or town's castle. However, it only has any use when planted in a wilderness sector adjacent to a building, or in a town's castle where that town has a building. When the bombs planted in these locations detonate, they will do damage to the building's Rune upgrade. This damage can be temporary or permanent, but in either case it will make the town or building easier to attack.

Another new feature is the addition of the ability for Kings to declare their relationship with other kingdoms. This will warn the king if parties take actions against towns belonging to kingdoms they are at peace with. The party's loyalty with the kingdom will also be affected.

On top of this, the UI for adding and removing characters to garrisons has been overhauled. Additionally, garrison characters will not be deleted if the garrison is wiped out, meaning creating a garrison is not such a risk. You'll still have to collect and resurrect those characters of course!

I hope you're all enjoying the game. A big thanks to those who've donated recently. Kingdoms is run out of our own pocket, and your donations help keep the game running. If you haven't already done so, please head to the Donate page. Thanks!

Resistances, Building Add-ons, a new logo, and more! - [2012-02-07 09:13:06]

The first release of 2012 has just hit the servers. This one includes a whole lot more artwork from Kooho, including a new logo, background image, and buttons for actions in the wilderness and dungeons.

On top of this, there are new features and a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes. This release adds resistance ratings for each character, against Fire, Ice and Poison damage. Some spells (such as Flame) and magical damage are subject to a resistance roll, meaning the target can avoid taking damage if he or she resists. You can also find magical items to boost your character's resistances. To balance the nerf to mages, the cost of Flame has been reduced, and a couple of new spells - Poison Blast and Ice Bolt - added.

Another new feature is Building add-ons. These can be purchased and upgraded to give bonuses in combat to the residents of the building, or generate some xp or gold. You can also now view profiles of other parties, and send and receive in-game messages.

I hope you're all enjoying the game, and stick around for the many more changes planned for the rest of the year!

Skills & Snow - [2011-12-04 04:53:19]

The last Kingdoms release of the year adds a new major feature - Skills. There are 15 skills available, which will help your characters with combat, magic, mayoralties and more. Each character gets 1 skill point per level (besides level 1), so any existing characters can now assign their allocation.

On top of that, Kooho has provided a whole new wilderness tileset - snow - which you can find in the north of the world. And there are a few new monster portraits to discover, plus some xmas decoartions :)

Finally, to round out a large release, there are a number of changes to managing towns, which should help you in defending them. Buildings can now be constructed to improve defences, and traps can be set to catch raiders.

This year working on Kingdoms has been a lot of fun, but there are plenty more goodies to come in 2012, so stick around!

Tweaks & Bug Fixes - [2011-10-31 20:03:16]

I've just (well a few hours ago) released a series of bug fixes and tweaks to Kingdoms. One of the most noticeable changes is the Kingdom panel, which has been greatly expanded for those who aren't kings, providing a lot more information. On top of that, players can now petition the King for a quest, once they're the appropriate level.

As usual, Kooho has provided some new artwork (portraits for guards and a few other monsters!), and you've probably also noticed the new logo to celebrate Halloween.

Thanks to all those who have reported bugs recently. If the bug you reported hasn't been fixed yet, don't worry, I'll get to it soon. I'd also like to welcome all the new players who've arrived recently (from Bay12 and other forums). I hope you're enjoying the game, and can stick around a while to see some of the changes we have planned.

From the Sewers to the Palace - [2011-09-24 09:22:54]

The latest release of Kingdoms has just gone live! In this release, we've added a feature for new parties - the Sewers. These are available from every town, and give you a chance to hone your skills before heading out into the wilderness. There is also an extended help section and tutorial section to help new players.

On top of that - for the higher level players - are several tweaks to how kingdoms work. Kings can now declare a capital, and all towns in the kingdom must be connected to the capital via the kingdom's land, or the towns people may revolt. To help parties within a kingdom work together, each kingdom now has its own in-game discussion board.

And if that wasn't enough, Kooho has done some more awesome art work, with more monster portraits, dungeon monster icons, and a new version of the map tiles.

Don't forget to click on the "Get More Turns" link to vote for Kingdoms, and you can also vote and comment on Kingdoms at to help spread the word.

The UI has landed - [2011-07-31 05:12:27]

We've just updated Kingdoms with a brand new UI! This has been a pretty large project, touching just about every aspect of the (increasingly epic) game.

Not only does the game now look completely different (including a lot of new artwork thanks to Kooho), but is much more functional, easier to play, and - in some cases - faster. Expect to see some further optimisations in the coming releases as well.

I won't try to explain the changes - you'll have to log in to see them. If things don't look quite right the first time, make sure you use shift+reload to clear your cache.


Potions, Critical Hits, Trading, and much more - [2011-06-12 04:15:28]

Release 0.7.5 of Kingdoms has just been deployed, adding many new features, minor tweaks and bug fixes.

To begin with, a new item type - potions - has been added. Besides the obvious "healing" potions, there are a few different types of rare potions - but you'll need to explore the dungeons to find out what those are!

A new tweak to combat is the addition of "critical hits". Any character (or creature) attacking with weapons has a chance of executing one of these guaranteed hits. There are a few things you can do to increase your chance, which you can uncover with a bit of experimentation.

This release also adds a way for parties to trade items with each other. Each town now has a "trade hall" where you can buy and sell equipment for a given price. This is a good way to get rid of those rare items that your party can't make use of.

On top of this is a long list of bug fixes, including a few of the most complained about issues - the option to change the mayor of a town, and the ability to stack and split arrows and other "quantity" items.

If you're in need of more turns, you can always vote each day. If you need even more, you can now refer a friend. The details and your refer a friend link can be found on your party's info screen. We also recently started accepting donations, so please contribute if you enjoy Kingdoms and would like to see it around for a while longer!

Kingdoms in Kingdoms - [2011-05-11 10:51:55]

Finally, the name makes sense... The latest release of Kingdoms adds the "Kingdoms" feature. This lets you declare a kingdom once you have a certain number of mayors (currently 8), which allows you to tax any loyal mayors, and set quests to guide your kingdom towards glory.

But it's not just a feature for high-level parties. Lower level parties can join in by claiming land for their Kingdom, among other things. The king or queen may also send your party quests, which will gain you gold, and improve your standing in the Kingdom.

The Map screen now has a mini-map, which shows you which areas of the world are owned by each kingdom, and you can click around to view it. Note, this is a fairly "beta" feature, and is a little slow to load, but I expect to improve this a lot in future releases.

As always, this release has a bunch of bug fixes and minor tweaks. Check out the changelog for the full run down.

There are still plenty of changes in store for the next few releases, so make sure you test out the new stuff, and send me your feedback!

New map tiles and more! - [2011-03-12 00:54:22]

The latest Kingdoms release doesn't add too much in the way of new features, but does have some really cool new art work, in the form of new map tiles for the wilderness. These also now show the different kinds of buildings in a sector, and whether there's a dungeon you know about.

On top of that, we've also greatly enhanced support for Internet Explorer 8 and above. The game should work pretty well for anyone using that browser (probably not so well for earlier IE versions). And of course, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are still fully supported. Enjoy!

Huge Bag of Goodies - [2011-02-19 09:18:54]

The latest Kingdoms release might be the biggest ever. There are several major features (buildings, rare monsters), new artwork (dungeon tile sets), a UI overhaul (new character action menus, with its own artwork), and a long list of bug fixes. Not to mention, a raise of the level cap to 25!

We've also added an incentive system to help us grow the player base of Kingdoms. Each day, if you vote on one of the listing sites on the Rewards Page, you'll get some extra turns. This should help to get Kingdoms ranked higher on some of these sites, and hopefully get us a few more players.

This release involved not only a lot of work from myself (Mutant), but also from Kooho with the artwork, and OldGuy59 on the buildings code. We hope you enjoy it!

First release of the year - [2011-01-15 21:05:32]

I've just uploaded the first Kingdoms release of the year! It has a few goodies, including advisors for mayors, teleporters in dungeons, the ability to garrison characters in a town you own, and a new spell and enchantment type. And of course, a slew of bug fixes and minor changes. The full list is in the changelog.

There's plenty more in the works for 2011, including a couple of major features which should emerge in the next couple of months. So keep levelling those parties - they'll be plenty for them to do in the near future.

An early xmas present - [2010-12-13 06:41:42]

It's less than a couple of weeks until xmas (and a lot of time off to play Kingdoms!), so I thought I'd give the gift of a new release. Amongst the usual sackful of bug fixes is "stepped" encumbrance, which means your characters will now slow down if they are carrying too much (rather than just reaching a limit where they can't move at all). To counter balance that, the daily turns have been upped substantially, and there's a new enchantment type: "featherweight" - you can probably guess what that does.

This release also marks the first contributions from the new developer on the team - Kevin (aka "OldGuy"). And you'll probably have noticed some changes to the character portraits, some new monster portraits and the Christmas elf portrait in the last couple of weeks - all thanks to Kooho.

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe xmas/new years holiday (if that's the custom in your part of the world). Huge thanks to everyone who's played Kingdoms over the last year (and special thanks to those who have contributed). There's plenty more planned in 2011, so stick around! :)

Campaign your way to power - [2010-11-06 06:58:18]

Yep, it's another release... I'm sure the higher level parties have been enjoying the "mayors" feature over the last couple of months. But now there's another way to come to power - by being elected. Mayors can call an election at any time, and if they win, their approval rating will increase. Anyone else can stand in the election, and maybe force out an unpopular mayor.

But be careful - if you can to power by election, the people will expect you to keep the democratic process alive. If you ignore them, you might get overthrown!

Other than this change, you may have noticed the awesome new female portraits Kooho created, which we uploaded last week. And there's a whole swath of bug fixes in the mix too.

As per usual, please post any problems in the forum.

Run The Town - [2010-08-29 11:16:35]

The latest release of Kingdoms has just been uploaded, and this one introduces town mayors. If you raid a town, and manage to kill the mayor, you'll have the option of letting one of your characters take over the town as mayor.

Your character will get to set the tax levels of the town, hire and fire guards, and fight off revolts if the peasants get upset with how you're running things. The character you choose to be mayor will have to stay in the town, but you have access to the mayor settings no matter where your party is.

The biggest benefit of becoming mayor is that (if you manage the town well) you can withdraw from the town coffers and spend the money on your party. This is just the start, though. There'll be a lot more reasons to own towns in the near future, and also other ways to become mayor.

You might have also noticed that we recently added character portraits to the game. This was the first contribution from Kooho, the new artist on the team. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more from him soon.

Town Raids no longer suck - [2010-07-19 00:17:24]

There's a new version of Kingdoms now available that changes how the town raid works. In the new version, you enter the town's "castle" when raiding, and can either try to sneak around to find the treasury (hopefully without anyone noticing), or blast your way in with force, kill all the guards and take all the gold while the town's people stare on in astonishment.

On top of that are a few bug fixes and tweaks. In fact, there have been a number of these made over the last few weeks (which haven't all been announced), that hopefully make the game less annoying and more enjoyable.

Feel free to suggest more - the best place to do so is the Forum.

Now with Magical Items - [2010-06-22 10:38:46]

I've just released a new version of Kingdoms, which adds that staple of any respectable RPG: magical items.

You'll find these in shops, on defeated monsters or in treasure chests. Each item can have several enchantments, which might give bonuses to stats, allow the user to cast spells, deal out magical damage to enemies, make the item indestructible, etc. etc.

Of course, finding the right combinations of items for your party (at the right price!) is part of the challenge.


New Feature - Garrisons - [2010-05-08 02:06:09]

I've just released the latest version of Kingdoms, with a major new feature - Garrisons.

At a certain party level, you can create a garrison, which lets you leave one or more characters in a sector to fight monsters, even while you're offline. You can store equipment and gold here too, and come back later to pick it up, or grab any gold the garrison's earned for you.

There are also a few other minor tweaks and bug fixes, so check those out, and give me your feedback via the forum.

Kingdoms 0.5.0 released - [2010-04-20 11:06:42]

Greetings adventurers,

After a long hiatus, development of Kingdoms is back on track, with a new release. Here's just a few of the changes:

A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Note, this release intentionally makes Kingdoms a lot noisier - i.e. it sends a lot more emails. If you want to tone this down, click here to adjust your settings. (Or complain in the forum!)

So check out the new features by logging in. The game's still a long way off being finished (or even beta), but your suggestions are welcome - post in the forum!